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本公司除進口色料(顏料、染料的色粉)直接販賣之外,另有合資工廠生產各種加工顏料,例如: 色母、色膠、色餅、色砂、色漿(水性)、色膏(油性),同時也生產各種功能性母粒,例如: 抗靜電劑、阻燃劑、紫外線吸收劑、增韌劑…等。產品目前有外銷中南美洲及亞洲,如印尼、泰國、越南、菲律賓等國。


Company profile
Established in 1994, Sample Fine Enterprise (鑫寶發興業有限公司) is a specialist supplier of pigments, dyestuffs, additives, auxiliaries, and specialty chemicals for a wide range of industries, including plastics, rubber, ink, coating, stationery, electronic components, and adhesives.

Headquartered in Taipei City, we have a warehouse in Tainan and established an inspection and R&D laboratory in Xizhi in 2012. In 2016 we established Eagle Emperor Technology Co., Ltd. (鷹皇科技有限公司) to specialize in the market cultivation and sales of specialty chemicals. To expand our territory in the China market, we established an office in Guangdong in 2007 to provide services for more Chinese clients. Today, we have established a solid foundation in the China market.

By helping many customers to resolve lots of problems relating to dyeing and the use of additives and auxiliaries with rich experience in developing pigment and additive applications accumulated over a long time, we have established a firm partnership with customers. To pursue sustainable development, we have also launched collaborative research with various manufacturers of pigments and specialty chemicals to develop advanced specialty chemical products in the market to strive for more export orders together.

In addition to importing pigments (color powders) for direct distribution, we have invested in joint-venture plants to produce various processing pigments, such as masterbatches, color gels, plate-typed masterbatches, color sands, color paste (water-based), color paste (oil-based), and various functional masterbatches (pellet type), such as antistatic agents, fire-retardant agents, UV absorbers, tougheners, etc. Currently, products are exported to Latin America and Asian countries including Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Although the market is extremely competitive, we uphold integrity and responsibility to provide customers with the most perfect services by putting customer first, in order to create a common good future through mutual assistance, co-existence, and co-prosperity.